Boka Boka ™ – Children’s Puzzle Early Learning Kit

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Children’s Puzzle Early Learning Kit
Boka Boka ™ is great for learning, it has two unique sections that will help your child learn better and faster. It has teaching props and a virtual education app. An advanced image recognition system, builds a bridge that brings children a completely new way of learning that combines teaching with fun. With Boka Boka your child will not only develop collaboration skills and creative thinking but also hands on skills that come with interacting with Boka Boka.

AR technology applications
The combination of augmented reality (AR) technology, real life objects and a virtual world information integration, connects reality and virtuality to allow a creative, fun and educative interaction for kids that they’ve never experienced before.

Easily connect it to any tablet or iPad
Due to the built in AR technology and compatibility with virtually any tablet, the Boka Boka makes it easy, convenient and cheap to implement AR in interactive learning practices.

Multi-dimensional interactive design
Boka Boka, unlike other learning apps, brings the learning experience beyond the screen. By interacting with real life objects, it feels more like a real puzzle game which helps shorten the learning process. Boka Boka makes use of real life interactions, video, audio, pictures, text and three-dimensional expressions. This makes learning more fun, relaxed and allows for a longer attention span.

Scene design
The project is based on AR technology in combination with an iPad. The app doesn’t only use a variety of colorful virtual worlds and scenes, but also uses image recognition, motion capture and other technologies to make the learning experience more interactive when combining it with an iPad. The iPads camera identifies real object graphics, colors, shapes and other information which then get rendered in-app which then can be used in game.

This product is currently only available in China.

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