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A bottle with a message
Dopper is a refillable drinking bottle that helps you to carry fresh drinking water with you wherever you go. Dopper’s greatest desire is to take better care of the environment. In a world where only 1% of plastic is recycled, Dopper strives to change that. Single-use plastic bottles harm the environment and can slowly burn a hole in your pocket. Dopper has created a reusable water bottle that is functional and beautiful.


Sustainable and practical design
Apart from stopping single-use plastic bottles, Dopper bottles have a practical design. They are a Bottle and a cup in one. You can unscrew the top cap and take a swig of water like you would any other water bottle. But when you unscrew the top section with the cap in place and flip it over, you now have a cup that you can then pure liquid into from the bottle. The cup has a seal inside to prevent leaks when it’s attached to the main bottle.


Wide Range
The original, plastic Dopper water bottles come in many color options. Some of those colors include purple, white, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. For each of these bottles, the top “cup” portion of the bottle is white with a colored base. The Dopper Steel showcases a steel exterior and white “cup” aka top. Many of the colors (apart from the Dopper Steel) of the bottles remain translucent. Because of this, travelers can easily see how much water they have left in their bottle. the bottle is lightweight and dishwasher safe. Both are major benefits to the bottle, particularly when on the go.


Dopper bottles are available in an original plastic version and a steel version. Both are BPA free, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. • Crafted of polypropylene • Built-in cup • BPA and toxin-free • Compatible with the Dopper Carrier Carabiner and Sports Cap, each sold separately • Available in additional colors, sold separately • Dishwasher safe • Made in Netherlands


In January 2010, Merijn Everaarts launched a design competition for the perfect sustainable water bottle, Rinske van Remortel’s design won and BANG! In 2010 the Dopper Original saw the light of day. The Dopper’s strange design was no accident, believe it or not. It was chosen from among hundreds of submissions in the competition. It won both for its practical features — its high-quality materials, easiness to clean and the fact that, unlike some of the more out-there entries, it actually looks like a bottle — as well as for its more metaphorical attributes.


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