Moedoo Smart Bean Sprout Machine – Healthy Sprouts, Sweetish!



4009/4000 pcs ($271600)required


A smart bean sprout machine for a healthier you
The Moedoo bean sprout machine has an ultrasonic all-round degree spray irrigation and unique automatic sewage discharging system. Bean sprouts are cultivated under a pressurized transparent cap, which makes the bean sprout crispy and stout. The material of this bean sprout machine complies with the Food Contact Material regulations. As only pure water is used, with intelligent temperature control and humidification system, you can grow additive-free and healthy bean sprouts.

All-round spray irrigation
Abandoning the traditional spray and dripping method, the Moedoo bean sprout machine applies ultrasonic technology to atomize the water. Because of its shape irrigation will be all-round, and will achieve a high sprout rate.

Intelligent control
Constant temperature and humidity are the key factors for bean sprout breeding. Moedoo bean sprout machine automatically adjusts the temperature and moisterization of the beans. This saves electricity and shortens the growth cycle.

Easy to add water
The water tank is a closed tank and separate from the Moedoo host base. Separating water and electricity. The injection hole on top, makes it easy to fill the water tank.

The Moedoo has 2 caps: an inner and outer cap. The outer covering cap provides shade (as the beans grows best in shade). The growth of the bean sprout can be observed through the transparant inner cap, with this inner cap the pressure and temperature can be controlled during the growth process.

Automatic condensate discharging
Moedoo bean sprout machine is equipped with a seperate tank to discharge the condensate water. So pure water is used throughout the growth process of the bean sprouts.

Moedoo as a humidifier
When not used to grow bean sprouts, the Moedoo can also serve as a humidifier. Producing Microfon water fog and no noise, it is a perfect companion in your bedroom or living room.

Easy to clean
The tray is easy to be dismantled and washed. Water in the water tank is not recycled, which means the water tank is easy to be cleaned as well.

Color options
Moedoo bean sprout machine is available in three colors: pastel blue, silvery white and fruit green.

Moedoo(Xiamen) technology Co,.Ltd is a company focus on citizen’s health and living quality. The company focuses on the area of Family healty,having provided a series of smart hardware products and services with the core value of “Eating Healthy Leads to a Healthy Life”. The company aims to solve the existing difficulties in real life and provide an all-round new healthy way for family life.


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